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I've been all the way over to the Catskills (North/South Lake campground, Palenville NY) from here in Michigan on my Honda Reflex pulling a single wheel trailer, so Finger Lakes is a lot closer..... a piece of cake to ride. (for me anyway) Been as far west as my toes just into OK while on a Scoot The Ozarks rally ride. Up just over the bridge in northern part of lower MI and down into TN. And gave it a pick up ride down to FL for New Years camping/riding. Just about anywhere sounds fine to me. Even multiple locations as long as the times didn't over lap or were too close together to get from one place to another in time.

NY was absolutely gorgeous though. Of course it is fairly flat ground here in these parts of southeast MI.
Also been to the Steel Steeds MC campground in Lewisburg, PA with the Maxi-Scoot group.
On one ride we went 75 miles or so south to Hershey Chocolate world. Might be a bit too much of a trip for 50cc bikes. Just adding an idea, though the count seems to be near 10 so far for NY which is fine.

Is there a time when a decision is going to be made?..... If at all? I am interested in a gathering too.
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