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Originally Posted by Guest_3 View Post
For next summer. . . .

If we get enough members that say..... Yes, We want one.

It just might happen. We got all winter to plan one.
Well? It's getting to be next summer already. Doesn't look like the idea has gone much further than being just an idea.

I'm still going to do some "scamping" (scooter camping) this summer. IBMC international meet Gratiot WI June 24-26 --- AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mansfield OH July 11-13 ---MotoCampers Northwoods IV Interlochen MI August 1-3 --- Scoot the Ozarks rally Eureka Springs AR Sept. 10-13 --- Maxi-Scoot meet up Steelville MO Sept. 17-21

I might get some other trips in the between times. Still intend on getting out west sometime, but may not happen til next year. And I'd really like to get back to NY and PA area for camping too. The mountains are stunningly beautiful and there are some folks further east closer to the big cities that I'd like to meet as well.

I've often found that things done by committee seldom actually get done. The way for for something to have a better chance of happening at all would be first to do an inquiry of WHO would be WILLING to host an event and where. Then do a poll finding out of when folks think it should be held. Then a willing host would decide the date and place to best accommodate him or her self and the rest as they saw fit. People will either make it there ... or not, but at least it will happen. Of course it's OK to ask for help with it and to ask who will be coming so as to be able to make accommodation suggestions &/or arrangements and to know how much food will be needed if they intend on feeding folks. (at least partially, for one meal at least)

I have already done a couple very small events with some friends/local riders, but I'm trying to work my way up gradually.

If you want it to happen, just do it..........make it so......
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