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2011 Vogue 150ZK Trike
by savy09 savy09 is offline 03-08-2013, 02:18 PM

Bought used June 2012 off e-bay
740 miles for $2100
2150 miles presently
65-70 mpg avg.
48-53 mph tops @ 55
longest ride 145 miles
Semi enclosed, windshield wiper, rear trunk
Good protection in rain under enclosure
Big rear trunk holds 2 helmets/gear/or 4 bags of grocery
Gets a lot of attention and inquiry
Carves(tilts) into curves like any 2 wheel scooter
Engine, 2 wheels stay firmly on the road
Can ride 2 up comfortable seat w/armrests
Dependable local and as a commuter
Not for Parkways or Interstates.
No major problems or repairs, hope to ride it 'till I can't.

Read an interesting review of this 3 wheel scooter(same as Auto Moto)
and my pros and cons of my purchase.


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