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Zone Moto Montreal Canada
by sbcwinn sbcwinn is offline 05-17-2013, 03:56 PM

Zone Moto is a mixed bag. Their prices are good, and they seem to have good intentions but I was and still am disappointed with their PDI of my TOMOS Nitro 50.

When I first got the bike, it sputtered and coughed and stalled all the time.I live too far from the dealership to ride, so I cannot bring the bike back for every little thing. I had to play with the idle for a few weeks to get it right.

They didn't put a transit sticker on the bike so I could not ride it when they delivered it, I had to wait until the DMV opened 4 days later. There was no gas in the scooter at all. I had to purchase a gas can to fill it up.

Worst of all some screws fell out as I was riding. That caused my fender to get caught in the wheel. The fender ripped in half and they wouldn't replace it under warranty, neither would the manufacturer. But I say if they had done a proper job of the PDI I would still have the fender.

I am not that happy with Zone Moto. Buyer be ware.

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