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Jim at Rapid Repair-Talk to the best dealer
by threewheeler threewheeler is offline 06-21-2013, 09:41 PM

I surfed the web for months looking to order an Ice Bear, Ace, 3 wheel scooter. I didn't want a free helmet, or free gloves. I wanted the best price and service for my money. I spoke to three large on line dealers wanting the 2013 Ace in burgundy and silver. None of these had any 2013 information. Didn't know about a Burg and silver coming out. Didn't know for sure what colors were available until I ordered one. What was my 2nd color choice? I was so disgusted. Then I was reading a scooter forum and saw Jim at Rapid Repair commenting and other people saying how great he was to them. Jim only talks directly to you, no on line forms. He explained to me every detail of the process. I wanted the PDI done before delivery. He was the only dealer that stated that Ice Bear was doing a PDI in their Calif warehouse. uncrate the scooter, tighten up any loose screws, put gas it and have fun. The Calif warehouse didn't have one available. Jim kept in constant contact with me from the scooter leaving China, docking, customs, PDI, loading on the truck for delivery this Thursday. My husband is trying to decide which 2 wheel scooter he wants now. In the past, he has been a motorcycle nut. You got to crazy not to call Jim.

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