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Trike Chain Adjustment

When you are finished adjusting the chain, with the top of the chain tight, the bottom of the chain should have between 20mm to 30mm ( 3/4 to 1 inch ) up and down slack in it. We normally go 3/4 of an inch. Also make sure that the rear is square with the front.

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Trike chain adjustment?

I have a 2006 Sportster w/ a trike kit! The final drive is a belt! Do you know if this is adjusted the same way? I bought it with the trike kit already on it so I don't know it's past! I was mainly concerned with the proper way that the kit was put on! Having had a shop in NH , You wouldn't believe the things that some people ride & I didn't want to even own something like that. Irish
P.S. By the way , I'm new to Trikes when it comes to riding! (TOTALY DIFFERENT)
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