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2014 YY250T (Bali model) asking $1000

I have a silver Bali I'd like to see go to a good home. It's got 1231 miles, everything works. Did a complete teardown and thorough PDI. Replaced all fluids and hoses, checked all torques, lubed and taped all electrical connections. Have pictures. Lightened up variator weights a little, ran Mobil fossil oil first 500 then switched to syn. Great bike, just have too many of them. Desmogged and rejetted but I kept everything to put back original if that's your thing. It runs so much better after the desmog though. I leave a good smog system alone, but this wasn't one of them. I also JB welded the auto enrichner/ bystarter port. Original is still on the carb, but you would need a new carb if you want a by starter. I can still get it started when it's 40 degrees, just pump the throttle and hit it 2 or 3 times. I have recent videos of me running errands on it, also have a bunch of pictures of it. Look for RostaBenny on you tube, pm me for pictures or questions. I'm in San Antonio Tx. Thanks.

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Is this still for sale?
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