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Old 07-04-2016, 09:35 PM   #1
Chromedome   Chromedome is offline
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Location: El Dorado, AR
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No lie....FREE Scooter

It time I bid ďAdiosĒ to the scooter life. Iíve had 4 over the past 12 years and have enjoyed riding and learning to work on them. I usually keep one for a few years and sell it for about 60% and then order a new & different model. Then the fun begins of unpacking, breaking it in, upgrading some parts and fixing any issues that might arise.
These scooter forums have been a great help with hints and how-toís, and I really loved the easy way to change out the drive belt! Everyone has GOT to learn that trick! Iíve learned to do a lot & Iíve kinda done it all.
100_0950.jpgWell, I got this one in February, just in time for my birthday. A black Roketa 46J 150cc. It was sharp looking and with shipping came to $1189. I did my PDI & rode slow to break it in, glad to see 100 miles add up. Suddenly it started dying after the motor had warmed up. Hmmm, only 125 miles and itís time to adjust the valves? ?? Okay then!
Now I will admit that my entire life I have struggled with the fact that I have NO patience, a VERY short fuse and ZERO tolerance for certain things. After hours turned into days that have turned into weeks of adjustments and tweaking other parts only to have it keep dying my frustration & wonderful anger got the better of me and I literally lost it. I cursed for about 20 minutes, faintly remember attempting to ďchokeĒ the scooter bare handed, and donít think Iíll ever find my socket wrench after I threw at the neighborsí cat because I just knew that SOB was laughing at me.
Now, I know I MAY be over reacting and it probably maybe is an easy fix, butÖÖ There is no local scooter repair and if itís not a four wheeler no ďsmall engine repairĒ place will touch them. Iíve had to manage by myself but I no longer have any desire what so ever to buzz along and feel the wind in my teeth. From here on out, Iím a cager.
You come get it and itís yours. Let me know when and Iíll have it ready. I check my email daily.
Weíre in El Dorado, AR. Or as I like to call it "Hell dorado".

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Old 07-05-2016, 03:00 AM   #2
bandito2   bandito2 is offline
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That bad really? Don't give up scooting just because of one bad experience. (a lemon maybe?) But if not...
Dang! If I were closer, I'd get there. But a little over 2000 miles would be a bit much since using my pick up
truck would run probably $350 or so just in gas for the round trip. Good luck for any takers.
Southeast Michigan Dark Side Rider
4 Honda Reflex scooters & a FSC600A Silverwing
Originator of the
"Darkside" Honda Reflex.
"Yeah dude, that IS a car tire there on the back of my scooter."

Sometimes I'm so far outside of the box, the Hubble telescope can't find me
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Old 07-05-2016, 11:07 AM   #3
Chromedome   Chromedome is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Location: El Dorado, AR
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Aggravation with a particular subject can cause one to behave irrationally. I WAS gonna pitch it in the river but figured that was a bad idea. Shooting it would have been extremely cathartic, especially with a couple pounds of Tannerite in the seat well but then I'd have to pick up all the pieces.
So helmets, t-shirts, tools and accessories are all a package deal.
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Old 07-05-2016, 12:54 PM   #4
Irish   Irish is offline
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"Anger is the wind , that blows out the light of the mind!" Irish
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Old 07-10-2016, 06:13 PM   #5
Chromedome   Chromedome is offline
Join Date: Jul 2016
Location: El Dorado, AR
Posts: 3
Scooter has been given to another grateful scooter rider.
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