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I'm new to the scooter world and I purchased a new taotao atm50-a1 that I use as a daily driver to work. I did a few upgrades to it and I gained a little bit more power to it but I'm craving more speed now lol. What I've done to it so far is changed out the plug for a NGK Iridium spark plug and got the orange CDI and Performance Coil, removed the airbox and put a pod filter on. It would be very much appreciated if somebody could tell me the best and easiest way to getting a much faster scooter.

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Roscoe   Roscoe is offline
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50cc amounts to around 3hp ... you can invest in a big bore kit ... derestrict all you can and maybe get it up 5 or 6 hp? Acceleration depends on weight and power and the power band. Speed (top end) wind resistance and hills are limiting factors. 50cc gy6 engines are good for 25 to 30 mph. that's about all they were intended to be and still be reliable long life scooters. Much of this is my thinking... I've got a 50cc scooter and I weigh around 200 lbs. It's OK on residential streets but no way acceptable on heavy traffic main streets, the most I've gotten out of it was 32 mph and it took a whole block to get it up to that speed. I've also got a 150cc scooter, it is much more able to run with city traffic but 45 is about the limit for it because it is geared a bit low. I'm not sure what I'll eventually do with the 50cc. Probably give it to the neighbor for his kid. I might put a 150cc GY6 in it but knowing me I'll never get around to that. OK, that was my two cents on the matter, maybe a whole nickle.
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sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
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I dont even know anyone who tunes a GET Honda motor. Everyone just slips a "sleeper" 125cc complete motor into their 50cc scooter. 4 strokes are just so involved compared to a 2 stroke. Not saying it cant be done, but everyone I know just does a motor swap.
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If you swap your variator weights out with 6g FLAT sliders, and properly tune your carb with correct jet, you can get a 139qmb to easily reach about 45mph (gps verified, on flats, "handsome boy" Roketta rider 200lbs), without a bore kit. I HIGHLY do not recommend bbk on the 139, it's inadequate cooling makes the bigger bores more prone to overheat on load.

A tuned correctly 157 should get the same rider to 65-70 without a bbk. The 157 can handle up to about 180cc before heat becomes an issue. Surprisingly, a 180cc isn't much faster or stronger that a 150cc
2011 Roketa MC-23-150

4T 150cc 157 qmj

24mm carb w 115 main jet and paper cone air filter

Manual petcock w Tygon fuel lines

Scrappy Dog Scooters Retro-slash stainless straight-thru exhaust

RED spring clutch

Adjustable CDI (brand unknown, it's blue and red and works great!)

KOSO high performance variator w 12g sliders

Gates Powerlink 835-20-30 belt

GPS verified 65mph on flats.
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