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Gearhead   Gearhead is offline
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Gauging interest

Hi guys I'm a machinest and my buddy lost his license. So I built him a motor to get him out of the way(very high cr(14.5:1)) and we'll it wouldn't turn over on the starter motor. So I made a prototype decompressor for it. It consists of a special valve cover and my other one is a cam. Who would want one of these and how much would you guys be willing to pay? Stock starter turns it faster than a stock 50cc it's a 72cc. I will be making one for the 150 motors when I get time. But here's what I'm thinking a nice aluminum valve cover that bolts on all you have to do is tell me if you have a 69mm or 64mm head although it will come with the parts needed to run on either.
Let me know guys.
Thanks. Oliver

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crawford   crawford is offline
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Being a retired machinist for about 30 years retired 14 now why not patented it first this way you save your self from thief's. I'm sure people are willing to pay if there is one out there.
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Gearhead   Gearhead is offline
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I'm just doing what's already been done by oems. I'm not inventing anything, and if someone wants to make these things and sell them then power to them.
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sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
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I just use a better cold cranking battery with a high torque starter. Never thought of a decompression valve before. Interesting idea I guess.
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