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2010 Magnum Update (Archive)

Update time with more pics.

This is the last of the magnum updates, the white gets to go to it's new home on Monday.

Installing the rear deck is a job that is best suited for 2 people, but it can be done carefully by yourself. As I mentioned before the key here is to assemble slowly and not tighten the bolts completely until all bolts and screws are attached. This leave "slack" for movement and alignment.

Left the rear of the trike with an appropriate jack and support it. I used a padded bike jack with a locking device. Remove the wheels.

Attach the rear brackets on each side, as close to the disc as possible. Remember not to tighten completely.

Top view of installed bracket.

Lift rear deck and install on brackets, install top screws, Be careful not to over torque.

This is the inside of the rear assembly showing the "slip" assembly.

Look to the left of the ID tag and you will see the bracket on the frame where the slip assembly goes. It just slides over this bracket. Now I went one step further and used a very heavy zip tie through the "slip" and around the bracket to hold it securely.

Now from underneath, tighten the brackets to the Axel. Make sure you alternately tighten each bolt, do not tighten one then the other.

Now that you are finished, you can take out the jack. I had to set the tires on 2x4s, then lower the jack. This gave room to get the pad jack out without damaging the rear deck.

Installed the radio under the seat in the helmet bucket. This was the strongest point to mount it. We used "L" brackets to the side of the radio, then drilled holes through the seat bucket area and bolted with lock washers and fender washers from underneath. The Radio antenna is located under the seat also. We found an antenna that is used in Harley fairings so there is not that ugly antenna on the outside of the bike.

Two 2 inch handle bar speakers were used. There really isn't an area on the trike that would support 6 inch rounds. Besides this directs the sound right at the rider. These speakers are full range, not just tweeters and sound really good.

Done and ready for delivery!

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Good Lord, that thing's as big as a car!

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How much rear suspension travel does it have?

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The swingarm that carries the rear axle can move about 3 inchs.
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Keep in mind this is an archive post on a 2010. There has been a lot of mods since then.
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How's the radio?
I have a similar radio, Sony, but the screen is going on/off all the time...

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