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PST50-8 (Archive)

Update time again from your friendly Ice Bear Dealer, ME! LOL!

The following is what I ran into when we got a PST50S-08 for a customer who ordered it and came up from Weston, Wi to get it. She wanted the PDI done by us and made the 3 hour trip to take delivery on Monday.

Overall I was impressed with this trike even if it is a 50cc. The pull from a dead stop was more than I expected and I hit a quick 40 MPH before backing off the throttle, in fact it out ran one of my new Roketa 50cc limited.

Typical Chinese crating, one thing to note is that the back fenders were wrapped in bubble wrap and suspended and tied off to the top back of the crate.

Actual unpacking and removal from the crate could be done with one able bodied person, unlike the Magnum, it is a lot lighter. Just take all the top and side angle iron off, cut the metal hold holds and lift the rear and walk it right off the crate. After walking off I set the rear on a jack that was already set up and installed the rear tires.

There isn't much as you can see that needs to be assembled on the trike. Rear Fenders, Trunk, Wheels/Tires, Mirrors, Battery and Trailer Hitch. The fenders come pre assembled with the brackets already installed.

Trailer hitch is installed by 2 bolts, nuts and lock washers, the Ball is an Allen wrench. Very nice welds on the frame. Notice twin rear shocks!

The fender bracket has a U shaped bottom bracket. Place the fender assembly over the rear wheel, then just start the two bolts. Make sure the fender is square and centered over the tire.

Tighten the bolts alternately a 1/2 turn at a time to ensure a square fit. Once they are both tight, tighten the top and bottom centering screws.

The truck is a typical trunk mount. The trunk rest is pre-drill along with a plastic pad that sits between trunk and the trunk rest on the back of the trike.

We did have to adjust the trunk latch, the trunk top didn't sit completely tight on the trunk bottom, after adjusting it was a tight fit and no rattles.

Finished back look.

Finished front with mirrors installed.

White backed instrument panel makes the cluster very easy to read.

The center switch is a parking light/headlight switch. The lights are DC power and work with just the ignition on and motor not running. A plus in my book.

Kinda hard to see in this picture, but the rear brake handle also has a parking brake lever built in.

139QMB motor, notice how the frame runs all the way under the motor.

The exhaust has a "hump" in the pipe right before the muffler. I am not sure why.

Final assembly was installing the battery, it sits in the floor board like a lot of other scooters. 7amp.

After charging the battery and changing the fluids it was time to start it. Once again, just like the Magnums, just a couple turns of the motor and it was running. Jumped right up to fast idle then slowly came down to normal idle. To my surprise no adjustment was needed on either the idle or air mixture.

In my opinion anyone with basic knowledge of tools and some mechanical sense could assemble this trike with little effort.

The only problem I had was one rear fender had a spot where the paint did not adhere. I called Ice Bear right away and they are ordering a shipping a fender directly to my customer at no charge.

As I said in the beginning, very impressive for a 50cc, I wonder how it would perform with a 72BBK or an 80cc upgrade motor. I may have to invest in one and find out LOL.

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I have done the 80cc kit on a few of these. Awesome performance. Only drawback is the noise from vibration in the handlebars. Nice looking trike though.
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Q6 trike

I have had my Ice Bear 2014 Q6 50cc trike for 3 weeks now,no complaints,nice looking trike
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