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Old 02-10-2013, 01:15 AM  
MC-95-250 Reverse Trike
by amac1680 amac1680 is offline 02-10-2013, 01:15 AM


It goes by many names.
Cyclone, Momba, Spyder etc.

I must say from the first time I saw this "scam-am" I found it intriguing on a few levels. First I guess the folks in china have pretty much cloned everything else so it was time to raid the Canadians.Next was who would pay anywhere from 4 to 5k for this scooter.

As it turns out there are more than a few who have, many of them were beyond unprepared for what was to come.

I bought the trike at a auto auction. The original owner gave up at 200 miles. The front end was a mess and took about 30 hours total to get just the front end right. Forget getting most shops to play with the toe-in.

Long story short I paid $1100.00 and have about another $300.00 in it. I thought I would have sold it by now but it's not in the way so............

The Trike:
It looks cool there's no denying it. It's about as well put together as most china scoots. Rattles etc but nothing out of the norm that a few twists of a screwdriver wont fix. Body finish is OK . The electrical on these things have always been a nasty topic with me and this bike is no different . I used a ton of shrink tube, liquid electric tape and connectors to make things more water tight.

The early models had big time stability problems. That was fixed but it scared the hell out of a lot of people. Even those that have done their own PDI on china scoots before weren't ready for the front end tuning it takes to make these bikes stable. I thought I was but found out otherwise. Fortunately I found some info online.Once it's right it's not all that tough to keep it that way.

I can't say anything bad about the CN250 clone. It's a workhorse that's been in scoots for years. Ive always enjoyed working on them. Strong and reliable as long as its not asked to do more than its made to do. More on that later.

Like any trike you need to adjust your riding style. Unlike traditional trikes this scoot rides like an ATV or snowmobile. No fancy computers to keep the front wheels on the pavement. It's all on to the rider .

It's extremely sensitive to input on the bars. It takes very little to make it turn. If you lean on the bars things get shaky. With the front end right it tracks true and is predictable as long as you don't lean on the bars.Bumps and potholes can bounce you from side to side so one needs to keep an eye on the surface .

As I said I like the CN250 clone I just don't like it on this trike. It's just asking way to much for that little kicker to push a heavy bike with 3 heavy small car tires and a lot of windage.

The CVT is set up as well as I can be for the job at hand. Pulling out into traffic is not an issue she zips to 30 mph just fine. Between 30 and 40 she's ok, not fast but not a total dog. At 40 the shanking starts and it screams until about 44 then the CVT makes its last shift. Then it smooths out.

Only problem is that's about it. I used a GPS to check speeds but from 44 to 52 I used a calendar, it took forever.I'm only 135 lbs live at sea level and any small bridge will knock the speed down 10 mph. Evenlight wind will cut speed.

I can't imagine riding it in the hills or two-up.

We have tried everything from CVT tuning to carb/exhaust work and the bottom line is there is no replacement for displacement. This trike is the perfect example of that. It needs at least 300cc to do 55mph cruise.

Of course should the suspension be asked to do much better than 50mph ? I've seen a max of 62 coming off a steep bridge and it was "sporty" to say the least. To fast period. BTW that same bridge spanked the bike on the way up, 33mph. Yuck.

Bottom line is 44 mph cruise, 50mph or so top end.
Not 5k worth of performance.I said earlier that the trike is predictable and it is. That's not to say its simple to ride. It takes attention to the road surface ,even more than on any other bike. But it's a safe ride in the hands of a competent driver.

It may seem like I'm bashing the thing but I'm not I totally enjoy the ride. It's a hoot around town, I can pull some cool turns and everyone comes over to talk at the gas station. Good ole fun !

Just don't ask to much from it. It's a "sheep in wolves clothes" looks like Tarzan runs like Jane. It's a scooter and a slow one at that. Don't let the wrapper fool you.

I couldn't use it as my day to day scoot but it's fun for a change of pace. I'm sure their are those that would be happy with this trike as is, say maybe at the "over 55". Lol.

I can't bring myself to selling it. It's just a lot of fun.

Of course I may not enjoy it as much if I paid top dollar for it.

Be Big,

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amac1680   amac1680 is offline
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Originally Posted by Flyingwrench View Post
Amac, I just read your article with some interest. I used to live in China and I was able to travel to many cities and tour many factories. I have to say that without exception, the Chinese have never cloned anything. Cloning is making a product an exact duplicate of an original. The Chinese ALWAYS take a product and reduce it to the lowest state that it can exist and still look like an original. They are the exact opposite of the Japanese who will take a product and try to improve upon it. Usually they have success. And quite often they lead the industry with their new creations. They take pride in their work. The Chinese are only in it for the money - - PERIOD> They are light years away from true craftsmanship. I will successfully argue this point with anyone. Until a person has lived there and done business for a number of years they cannot begin to know what lengths a Chinese manufacturer will extend itself to create imposters in the market place.
I agree that by definition a clone is an exact duplicate. The term has been used to describe knock-offs for decades. It a matter of semantics I think we both know that.

I don't think I ever suggested that the chineese are in it for anything other than money. As a trader I was in the buisness of selling catalyst to the Chinese, I understand. Im happy that you agree that the scooter is overpriced. That's due both to the chineese and the obscene markup made by many drop shippers.

This was a review and didn't intend it to be a English lesson so I used the term clone, just as its used elsewhere. My bad.

It also wasn't a referendum on how china does buisness. That would be a great thread, I have a feeling that being we both have done buisness with them we will see it the same.

Have an outstanding day !

Be Big,
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Flyingwrench, I can agree with that... but remember it is what it is. the Chinese are selling their manufactured scooters at cheap prices relative to Can AMs, Honda,Piaggio, Sym, etc. They have no competition price wise, so "caveat empture", if you buy on price, don't expect the the same quality as a Honda. I bought on price the first time a Zenen 50cc Motorino and was surprised at the quality, performance, got what I expected for $1200 new. Didn't know if scooters were for me at my age, therefore the minimum investment. 2nd time bought used 2011 Vogue/Auto Moto 150cc trike, twiked a few minor problems, and love the ride, the attention, and @ $2100 I enjoy the ride even in the rain! IMHO -Savy
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