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2011 Kymco People S200
by amac1680 amac1680 is offline 04-11-2013, 07:49 PM


I'm in the process of making the transition from a trike back to a two wheel scoot.

The ideal scooter would have been 250cc , be no more than 300 pounds with a seat height around 30 inches. The real problem is the 300 pound mark. I also needed a solid dealer as I'm not planning on twisting any wrenches on this one. The plan is to have a dependable scoot for everyday use and a little cruising.

A friend told me a local dealer had a leftover 2011 Kymco People S200 showroom and it was priced to sell.

At around 250 pounds, a 31 inch seat height and roughly 200cc it seems like it would fit the bill. It also has 16 inch wheels which was an important part of my decision. I know it's kind of counterproductive to talk about seat height and want 16 inch wheels but I simply prefer bigger wheels.

First impressions
This scoots lines are pleasing to my eye. I'm not big on retro or ultra modern and the People finds a balance somewhere in between. The fit and finish is as good I've seen on any scooter and it was delivered to me in top condition. No loose bolts or rattles. Storage is about average for a bike of its size.

After looking at the main players from Japan's products I felt that the Kymco was a better bang for the buck.

The S200 idles smooth and has snappy acceleration all the way thru its powerband. I found no "dead spots" from a dead stop to 61mph. I weigh 135 lbs and top speed for me is 61mph on the GPS. If you want to go faster just glance at the speedo and instead of 61 your going 66......

This scoot will pull me around at 55 without issue and has enough reserve power for a few exits on the freeway.

The breaks are smooth and stop this bike fast. Not up to the braking power of the Genuine Blur but more than enough for safe, fast stops.
Handling is predictable. Light and nibble enough for the city and stable on the open road. This is where I love the big wheels.

What's not to like
As much as I like this bike it has some issues.
First would be the seat. I know Kymcos have "firm" seats but this one is like cement. I have a permanently numb butt and can't feel much and it was still hard.

Next is the speedo. Normally I wouldn't even bring it up but on this scoot there is a contradiction. The speedo is analog and 5mph optimistic yet the digital odometer is spot on when checked with GPS. I tend to think that its deliberate, funny I've never seen one that's 5mph slow.

It would also not be a huge cost to show mph at the top of the speedo.

My biggest beef , although not a deal breaker , is a 163cc scoot with a 200 tag on it. The People line was a bit strange with the 152cc People 150 and the 163 cc People 200.

The SYM HD200
I also rode the SYM and just loved it. Fast for its size and very smooth. Great breaks, looks, storage and clean lines. On the average day the People and the SYM would have been within a few hundred bucks. I would have bought the SYM.

But this wasn't the average day. The dealer wanted the leftovers gone and I was able to get the Kymco for $2100.00 out the door full 2 year warrantee. Now the price gap was over a grand and the extra speed wasn't a necessity.

I've got just over 1000 miles on it and I love it. The dealer has been great and its nice to be back on two wheels.

Engine Type
4-stroke air-cooled SOHC



Cooling System
Forced air

Electric w/kickstart back up

Automatic CVT


Front Suspension
Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension
Dual shocks

Front Brake
Single Disc

Rear Brake
Front Wheel/Tire

Rear Wheel/Tire

Seat Height
31 in.

53 in.

Fuel Capacity/MPG
1.8 gals./ Estimated 75

256 lbs.

Available Colors
Red, Black, Blue

Next up the Genuine Roughhouse 50. Stay tuned.

Be Big,

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inuyasha   inuyasha is offline
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Hi Alan
Congratulations she's a lovely and very capable scoot, you did really well
Great review btw
May she bring you much joy in the years to come
Take care and ride safely dear friend
Yours Hank
"4wheels move the body 2 wheels move the soul"
Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.
Douglas MacArthur
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Admin   Admin is offline
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Great review, very thorough!

And very nice scoot, glad you're enjoying it!
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Old 12-31-2013, 05:05 PM   #4
oldscoot   oldscoot is offline
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Appreciate your mentioning the SYM. I currently am riding a 2012 Kymco Like 200i. A sweet scoot for around town, but not quite enough oomph to keep up with my riding buddies. Weight is an issue for me and my compromised lower legs, so 300 lbs. is about my limit. I am considering a SYM 200HD and am curious as to why you initially were thinking SYM and how the two compare now that you have had some Kymco miles. If prices were comparable, which one would you buy? Thanks
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