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50 Highway Cycle
by rlshepard rlshepard is offline 04-13-2015, 06:01 PM

So I was getting ready to buy two scooters for my 16 yo twins. ATM50 and CY50A I usually by my scooters from Killermotorsports.com I've had good luck with them. But I stumbled across 50 Highway Cycle at http://www.50highwaycycle.com/ They are fairly local to me (~40 min drive) so I reached out to them. Their pricing was an issue, killer was smashing them on price and killer was throwing out all kinds a freebies!

So we negotiated, What is a vehicle purchase with out negotiations anyway? HA! We found a price we could both live with and the deal was on. he ordered the units for me to ensure he'd have my colors in stock. and I arranged to go pick up the units on the weekend.

so we go to pick up the units... Que dueling banjos.... just kidding....

Now this place is in more or less rural Missouri... clearly they sell a lot of ATV's and UTV's and er um rural type stuff. I'm not at all uncomfortable in the rural environment, so I let my redneck hang out and strolled into the "office"

So I go in, and they guy I've been emailing with is clearly distracted but he's a busy guy and had customers every where so we get on track he pulls up my email, whines a little that I beat him to death on price, I whip out the cash and he tells his guy to go get the scooters, the crates these scoots were in were beat to crap, it's a testament to the fantastic job Tao Tao does packing these things. the crates took a beating but the scoots were fine. I did an inspection on the spot as best I could before loading the scoots but assured them I'd be in contact if I found any damage... now the fun.

The whole time I'm there the guy running the place is going back and forth with this guy and his kid about an ATV that looked as though it had been severely abused, although I could also tell it was fairly new. They buyer was clearly looking for a full refund. The seller was clearly trying to explain that you can't drive your ATV off a cliff and then cry warranty damage... But then he was also offering to work on the unit and get it functioning again.

The buyer is having none of it, the guy in charge is doing his best to keep his cool but you tell his about to blow... mean while fester is head towards my truck with my two scooters on a forklift I actually had trouble deciding which show I need to watch... Now I've got mad respect for the seller cuz the buyer is clearly, clearly not right here. the ATV had clearly been abused.... You don't have to be a rocket scientist figure it out. Finally the seller loses it and tells one of his minions to go get one in the box and put in the guys truck...

So anyway they load me up and off I go. All in all a great buying experience for me. I like buying local, I like not having the anxiety between the time the dealer charges your card and the scoots arrive. The folks at 50 Highway cycle took good care of me. I did find a couple of scratches on one of the scoots. and they are taking care of that...

Good service, good prices ( it you press them) and a great floor show...

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