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sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: Norfolk, VA
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Hi from Norfolk, VA

It seems Adly has little to no love online, so Im here to hopefully bring some attention to the brand with the help from a established website. I used to be big into the Zuma bugeye scene but got out of it for awhile. Then a 2 for 1 deal on Zumas came my way. Got one running and was having fun with it as a simple Stage 1 build. One day my wife and I stopped by a grand opening for a scooter shop and I made the remark about liking the ugly little Adly RT50. Later that day, a yellow one showed up in our driveway for my birthday. Space in the garage is tight (wife has a Can-Am Spyder and I have the other Zuma on the lift in pieces-our Burgman 200 beater lives outside) so I sold the running Zuma. Now Im learning the ins and outs of the RT50 and what does and doesnt fit from a Zuma/Minarelli horizontal motor. Scrappy Dog has been a huge help so far. Why do these little scooters keep coming into my life I will never know.... So thats my short intro. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the forum, glad to have ya!
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Scooters are like old lawnmowers and puppies... if people know you will take them in they show up on your doorstep.
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sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: Norfolk, VA
Posts: 166
Sorta how I ended up with 2 Zumas. 1 belonged to a friend. Its super tuned, will hit 70mph! He just got tired of the upkeep so he bought a new Lance Cabo 200i and sold me the monster Zuma. I just wanted the motor for another project, so the rest of his old Zuma has been sitting around with no motor. Then I came across another Zuma for cheap with a stock motor that ran great but had some frame damage. So I slapped the stock motor in the once fast Zuma. I had no intention of selling the running Zuma until the Adly came about. I quit taking in stray scooters awhile ago. No space or time for them.Will keep a eye out for a weird brand for friends, but I wont pre-purchase them anymore. Dont wanna get stuck with another Hyosung Sense SD50 or a Yamaha Beluga 80cc 2 stroke ever again. I also hate trouble shooting/fixing scooters. I work on small engines for a living so once I leave work I dont wanna work on any. I work on what I built/tuned, and its also a side hobby among a few friends. Strange thing is no one has been setting up group rides yet. Wife and I tried to organize one to a pinball arcade but everyone complained about it being to far of a ride. I need new riding buddies sometimes!
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