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Terri1972   Terri1972 is offline
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Scooter Won't crank

2017 49cc madog will kick start then dies no power at all replaced battery and checked fuse please help

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Irish   Irish is offline
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Don't say that you're just a girl. I have two daughters & one of them is a better mechanic than most guys. When she was a child she was shoulder to shoulder on MOST of my custom builds! Irish

P.S. She's also VERY good looking! They both are & this isn't because they're my kids.
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wheelbender6   wheelbender6 is offline
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Try the cheap fixes first, like a fuel filter.
"If you get knocked down 100 times, then get up 101 times" - Unknown
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Old 06-06-2017, 06:50 PM   #4
Ozo   Ozo is offline
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2017? Should be under warranty. Take it to the dealer you bought it from.
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Old 06-07-2017, 12:29 AM   #5
sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
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The Ice Bear Im sorta working on had the fuel pump fail (weak pressure) AND a stator I think (weak spark, need to look into it further) fail at almost the same time. It was getting hard to start from the spark getting weak and then the owner let it sit and the ethanol gas slowly did its damage. I was told the fuel pumps have a habit of failing and it stinks that I have not found a "better" quality one instead of putting the same known failure new pump back on. I upgraded all the fuel lines and the fuel filter while it was here, now just waiting for time to put it all back together. Your scooter needs 3 things to run. Fuel, air and spark. Is the cylinder getting gas? It the spark a strong blue color? I HATE carb problems, they're the worst. If its a 2017 it should be under warranty.
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