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no spark. Tao tao, cy50a

tao tao cy50a no spark, have changed the stator with two new ones, changed the cdi twice with new ones, 2 new coils. I have the kill switch wire cut to take it out of the equation. new plugs and wires. what have i missed? we have checked continuity to the best of our ability. it was running fine then just died. nothing dramatic. thanks in advance for anything you may have to point out...
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test the signal output of the trigger coil at the CDI connector
test the voltage of the CDI charging coil .. at the CDI
Test the voltage delivered to the spark coil at the coil connector
Check all the wires for damage and bad wire to connector problems.
You might try a known good spark plug from a running GY6 engine.
Here ya go ... https://www.buggydepot.com/tech-cent...uide-no-spark/
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