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Big valve heads custom machined

We have 3 different big valve heads for the gy6 50

.023 milled
and a crazy .100 milled

the .023 fits a 52mm domed piston perfect, the .100 is great for a 47-50mm kit, but only on 100+ octane race gas, super high compression, 230 psi, the stocker is great for about any build and will provide the intake velocity to run a 150 carb on a 50, wheelies on demand

stock is $59.99 free delivery
re-machined is $99.99 free delivery
2012 Jonway X
44mm Hoca crank
52mm Hoca big bore
MMS big valve head raised ports, polished, milled .023
Hoca 26mm carb
NCY titanium valve springs
NOS wet nitrous system
Holley fuel pump
MMS variator
Naraku CDI
HT coil
4' Wheelie bar
MMG stainless slip-on exhaust
NGK "11" spark plug
UNI filter

2014 Icebear Maddog
too much to list

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bbk, big valve head, head, race

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