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Fully programmable digital advance cdi units for scooters!!!

We have an initial load of Made in Europe fully programmable CDI units coming for scooters in the next week. They are called the Bolt Box. No computer needed. You can change all variables and advance on the 3 buttons provided on the front of the unit. Rev limit is fully adjustable as well, or set for no rev limit. The Bolt Box has a digital tachometer on the face of it as well.
Works with AC stators which are most smaller scooters 50 and 150, or get the DC/AC inverter we sell as well for full DC function and eliminate your ignition stator! Works with GY6, 139QMB, CF250, VOG, JOG, 2T and 4T as well. Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, European and all others.
Bolt Box is only $179.95 and the inverter is only $49.95.
Try and find anything like that for any price anywhere.
CDI's are not on the website yet, so taking pre-orders by phone or email.
702-689-6035 or service@scrappydogscooters.com
Will be posted in the performance section of our website next week.
[img src="http://i.imgur.com/yXgSscQ.jpg" alt=" "]

Like us on facebook or post a video on YouTube and get free shipping

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I've been running the HPI (Horse Power Ignition) for years. They do require at least a laptop or PC to program the CDI, and unless you have a few skills to convert your OEM stator/timing trigger you do need to use the HPI stator/inner rotor kit as well.
They are also at least twice as expensive as these new CDIs.

I'm going to look into these "Bolt Boxes".
Everyone that joins these forums is trying to squeeze a little more power, and reliability out of their scoot so I can see a definite market for these.

Looking at the image in the link... Do these boxes allow for programing a custom timing curve or is it simply adjusting the initial advance?
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