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AGV Blade Helmet
by scootnwinn scootnwinn is offline 03-06-2013, 12:13 PM

I ordered this helmet over a year ago (I actually have the Blade Multi but the only difference is the number of colors) and have really enjoyed it. It is possibly the quietest helmet I have ever owned. This surprised me since it was not a full face helmet. The aerodynamics of it I think play a large part in the quietness. They also add to the comfort level as your head is unaffected by the wind. The name "Blade" fits as this thing cuts through air like nothing I have ever owned. It also has the most effective vent system I have ever used. The ratcheting catch for the chin strap will be on every helmet I own for now on and it makes getting the helmet on and off with gloved hands easy as pie. One of the coolest things about this is the finish. It has a reflective stripe in the color scheme but that's not the cool thing, the finish is an almost rubbery feeling flat finish that is extremely difficult to scratch yet easy to clean. The liner and cheek pads are removable for washing. You can remove the cheek pads for addition cooling in the summer and it also has an additional removable piece on the back neck portion.

Pros - Comfort, good in the heat, optical clarity on the visor, light weight, fit and finish, and price. Oh and its Italian! (you get free sticker too!!)

Cons - Not the warmest helmet out there, not free

1) Performance 5
2) Quality 5
3) Ease of Installation (on my head?) 5
4) Value 5
5) Warmth 3.5
6) Cooling 5
7) Visor Optics 5
8) Overall 5

BTW I bought mine at http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com...id-Helmet.aspx excellent service shipping and price. If this is the first helmet you will ever buy try them on and buy locally...

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Thanks for sharing, nice review!
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Old 03-26-2013, 08:06 PM   #3
dudley   dudley is offline
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Just got mine today.
Very nice
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scootnwinn   scootnwinn is offline
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I bet it looks sharp on that PCX. What color?

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dudley   dudley is offline
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I ordered the blue on sale from superbikesupply.com
It was out of stock so they subbed the more expensive white with blue accent at the same price.
Honda PCX 150. The scooter Batman rides!
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