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Safety observations...

I've seen enough of the two-wheeler world to know that safety gear is critical. I've got a couple of stories of instances I've seen to share here:

A year ago this month, my pastor and his wife were bike-touring in Arkansas. As the weather was perfect and they wanted to enjoy their ride to the fullest, they chose to NOT wear their helmets.

During the drive that morning, they had an unfortunate incident when a deer jumped directly in front of them landing on the front of their bike. The bike was immediately knocked over, and my pastor hit the pavement face-first getting knocked unconscious immediately. He ended up under the bike with the hot exhaust burning through his throat to his esophagus. His wife fared much better, but slid on her forearms resulting in a lot of lost skin and severe road rash.

They had to bring in the helicoptor to fly him to the hospital. He had a broken face, broken jaw, ande severe abrasions all over his body from the slide, in addition to the severe burns from the hot exhaust.

The recovery was a very long process, but fortunately, they both recovered and are doing well. This close call was a very frightening experience for all of us, and has served as a reminder that safety gear is very important.

A short while after this incident, I was driving along the Interstate with my wife in the car and we were passed by a biker travelling ~75-80 mph without his helmet, and we both commented on his failure to wear one. A couple of miles up the road, we crested a hill and had to come to a very sudden stop as traffic was backed up for a significant distance. As we inched forward, I saw a large puddle of what appeared to be blood in the middle of the lane. About a mile further, we saw the actual accident that had caused the delay in traffic, and saw the same silver cruiser that the biker had been riding on the back of a wrecker at the scene. I was never able to learn the details, but can only surmise at to what happend: It would appear that the initial accident occured, and the biker crested the hill to find traffic stopped. He was either unable to brake in time, or braked poorly, resulting in his dropping the bike or colliding with another vehicle.

Incidents like these demonstrate how anything can happen at any time, and have served to emphasize the importance of wearing safety gear at all times.

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I would like to add a story.

I was riding my 150 through the backroads of NC mountains. I wasn't going fast, due to the turns and gravel, however an oncoming truck was. And as I rounded a right hand corner, right in the dead center of the curve the driver was TEXTING, about 1/3 over in my lane, but more importantly, her mirror was in my face.
Luckily, my father warned me about paying attention to their mirrors more than their tires location to me and I swerved, avoiding certain death.

I did have my FF helmet on, as I ALWAYS do.

In conclusion:
Drive good enough to make up for other drivers.
Always leave yourself a way out.
And, pay attention to the little things as well.

Be safe.
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Not scooter story but helmet:

We were at Glamis Sand Dunes, you man is unloading trailer when family arrives. He has no helmet on and is just moving bikes. He jumps on his bike starts it up. The throttle went wide open soon as he hit gear 1. He went up the ramp of the in closed trailer and smacked the roof and side.

Air lifted to Yuma Hospital. And had a very long recovery. If he just put his helmet on that takes 2 min......
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inuyasha   inuyasha is offline
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ATGATT is the most sensible and only way to ride imho

Take care and ride safely
Yours Hank
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I simply ride in my neighborhood, but there have been several instances of vehicles not seeing me.
Today, a car was turning around. They pulled into someone's driveway and starting backing up with me right by them. I swerved around them and they slammed on their brakes. I wasn't too scared, because I knew what to do, and it has happened several times before.
This same thing has happened in my dad's SUV as well. Very close call that time.
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scooter   scooter is offline
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Have had about 9 street motorcycle crashes. 1 slow speed, wet street, new tire on my Busa. Rear slid out from under me. Wasn't doing more than about 6 mph as I had just started from a red light making a left turn. I was in BDU's (military attire), Joe rocket full racing jacket, and helmet with of course my military issued boots. I wasn't injured at all but had a scratch from the pavement on my helmet. Sent it to Shoei and they said my $1100 RF1000 Duhamel replica was toast. Insurance bought me a new one.
Second street wreck was doing about 30 MPH, full riding leathers, low sided my GSXR 750 and slid into a tree. Broke collar bone but that was it. Helmet again was shot but I didn't even have a headache from what I recall. Insurance recouped it for me.
I've had about 6 wrecks on the track with of course full leathers. Never ruined a helmet there. : ) Mine were rider error but never due to me not being prepared for a car. I think I'm pretty vigilant.
My buddy wrecked his Harley about a year ago. He wasn't hurt. A car pulled in front of him and he was able to brake. However he broadsided the door and went over the handlebars just enough to smack his face on the B pillar. Ruined helmet but his face was fine.
I wear reflective vest with riding apparel just to go to HEB down the street. Folks, please wear it no matter how goofy your friends say you look. Most of them text while driving cars anyway. Everyone wants to kill you on a bike, that's the game I play.
Good thread. If you think it's just a bunch of old goofy guys talking crap you're an idiot.
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Rhompin45   Rhompin45 is offline
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Yup I agree. I layed my scooter down once at about 20mph. I remember my head bounce on the pavement but due to my helmet I walked away mostly pain free. Second lay down again about 20mph was on a dirt road I didn't have proper gear on but still jeans and a sweat shirt and other than a scraped elbow ( would of not happened if I had a real jacket on) and loss of pride I walked away with out head injury at least.
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scooter   scooter is offline
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I thought of one other safety thing today as I was riding home with my new helmet. Know your equipment. It was chilly this morning so I closed all my vents with the helmet on the dining room table before I left the house. About a mile into my return trip this afternoon it was hot so I'm doing 45mph trying to figure out how in the heck to open my vents. So much so I hit a very well known manhole lid that I dodge every day with one hand on the handle bars and it damn near bounced me into a cypress. I'll put my helmet on tonight and practice opening and closing vents quickly.
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Hahaha! Good story, and a great lesson to learn. It's easy to get distracted doing the smallest of things. Glad you weren't thrown...
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Irish   Irish is offline
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I just moved from NH to Florida & am amazed by what I constantly see here! Riders will have a helmet on but ride wearing shorts & sneakers! DUH? Irish
P.S. I know that it's hot here but use some sense! I have been riding for yrs & skin isn't as tough as pavement or dirt!
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Irish   Irish is offline
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Originally Posted by Irish View Post
I just moved from NH to Florida & am amazed by what I constantly see here! Riders will have a helmet on but ride wearing shorts & sneakers! DUH? Irish
P.S. I know that it's hot here but use some sense! I have been riding for yrs & skin isn't as tough as pavement or dirt!
A perfect example was just yesterday! My wife & I went for a ride. When going near the Harley shop , I saw a man on an almost full dress Harley with a helmet & riding jacket & also had on shorts & sneakers! He looked stupid! I'm not knocking Harley riders because I ride a 2006 1200 Sportster with a trike kit but after riding for years-you use some sense! Irish
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