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Just great!

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it. I was getting ready to take the scooter out. I usually check the oil before I roll it outside, but today I didn't think of it til I was outside. So I reached down to remove the dipstick. It was awkward and I could see it. So I unscrewed it and when I went to pull it out, I fumbled and the thing went flying into the yard. Well, I broke the tip with the graduations off, that little piece about 3/8" long. I don't know where it went. Either, it went flying somewhere never to be seen again, or it fell down in the engine.

So I push it back in and took the truck. When I got home I drained the oil and put an endoscope in there looking for it. I couldn't find it. I refilled the oil and started it up for about 30 seconds. Drained the oil again, still no where to be found. According to the diagram of the engine, the oil pump is the first thing after the screen. So am I right in thinking that nothing gets to the pump without going to the screen first? The filler spout goes somewhere, but I can't see where it goes to. I thought it would just drop to the screen, but it doesn't. So now I'm afraid I'm going to trash my oil pump. Thoughts?


This diagram doesn't show the filler spout. If it's that little cut off just about the screen, it looks like it goes in AFTER the screen, that doesn't make sense and it would be disastrous.
2005 CF Moto "Voyager" 250cc. I don't see where CF Moto made a Voyager, but that's what's on the side.

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