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Givi Windshield For '03-'06 Suzuki Burgman 400
by scootnwinn scootnwinn is offline 03-06-2013, 01:09 PM

A look through it

On the bike

Ok this review is not going to be the best but I promise to update it so after I put the stock shield on for testing purposes. Over all I am happy with this windshield. I like the clarity of the optics and it is only weird where the "bubble" are at near the bottom but I find myself rarely looking thorough that portion of the shield. The coverage is phenomenal and even in steady rain as long as you are rolling in excess of 20 mph not a drop will touch you. Couple of issues though; It's HUGE so aerodynamics are affected (I think) it doesn't get weird but I do believe it affects highway roll-on acceleration and overall top speed. It's HUGE so the previous owner felt it was necessary to put an additional brace in between it and the dash. Not really a big deal there he said it would move back at speed I wasn't interested in finding out if that was true so its still there. Aesthetically it is ok but I do think the Burgman is sportier looking with the stock shield.

Pro's - Its HUGE excellent coverage no helmet buffeting (I'm 5'9)

Con's - It's HUGE see above

1) Quality 5
2) Optics 4.5
3) Installation ease (AKA does it fit) 5
4) Engineering 4
5) Overall 4.5

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Another great review. Thanks Rob!
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