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(V)irtual (G)roup (R)ide. V.G.R. Sounds like Vger... like on the Star Trek movie....... didn't see it? well it was actually the satellite 'Voyager' that was sent out into deep space so many years ago that actually was a character in the movie.... So VGR still works for virtual group ride voyages. Neat idea, but us folks up here in the snowy & cold north are not likely to go out for a ride any time soon. That might have us doing a virtual, virtual group ride using pics from past rides not posted or talked about. How about a winter virtual group ride? I'd be up for that. We could even embellish our stories a bit (or a lot) just for fun...
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Here's one of my favorites from a couple of years ago.

This morning my wife discovered my stepson had forgotten some video equipment that he needed for his week long job at a 4H camp. Since it's my day off I was assigned the task of bringing it to him. My first thought was to do it on the Fashion. Then I said to myself, "Anyone can do 83 miles on a 250 scooter, I'll take Rocket." Rocket, as you know, is my 50cc Cub clone built by Bashan. It rocks.

I loaded the stuff in its milk crate and took off for a scenic tour on State Route 10 to Hamden, NY. The first part about two miles out is a pretty good climb which I felt would be the initial test. If it struggled too badly I'd just turn around and get the CF Moto. I needn't have worried.

Near the top I was forced to throw a downshift and continued up at 25 mph. The rest of the trip isn't that hilly so I felt it would do OK. Okay just doesn't describe it. Once we hit more level terrain it ran along at 45 mph easily. When I needed a little more power on any inclines I would just tuck down, grab the left handlebar nearer to the steering head and pull in my knees. We reached the camp, 41.5 miles away, in an hour and ten minutes averaging somewhere in the high thirties.

I was only at camp at a few minutes dropping off the material and headed out fairly quickly. The road back to Rt. 10 snaked and dipped and Rocket stuck to the road like glue. One sign showed a curve and 15 mph. We did 35.

I decided coming to the camp that I'd cross the Hamden Covered Bridge just for yucks.


As you can see from the head on shot it has a wooden deck with boards laid lengthwise. I was extra careful not to stick the front wheel in the joints. Rocket kept up the pace and after a short stint we pulled into Walton. The bike and I needed a pit stop.

Riding the Rocket is almost like traveling for free. The stop was at 55.8 miles and it took .419 gallons (gallon?). That works out to 133 mpg. Not bad for a bike on a roll. It was running between 40 to 45 mph and would sneak up to 50 when I took my eyes off it on hills. It was gratifying to let cars go by me and see them creep away instead of flying off into the distance. Plus the way fourth gear is ratioed the engine isn't screaming either. The Lance Charming 50cc scooter I once had was absolutely shrieking at 40 mph. Rocket is probably running a little over 6,000 at 45 mph, honest.

The last piece of road was down hill next to the Cannonsville Reservoir Dam.


Now the bike was really rolling. At one point I took my eyes off the speedo to look at some scenery. When I looked back it was at 52 mph, two miles over the indicated redline. Time to roll back the throttle and drag the brake a little. We rolled into the driveway, at 82.77 miles, two hours and thirty-four minutes after leaving. Considering my pit stop exceeded 10 minutes due to "My Pit Stop" and the gentleman who mistook Rocket for a Symba and wanted to know all about it, not too shabby. The whole trip might have cost me $2.50 in gas.

Way to go Rocket!

Best part. Even though it has a small head on profile every bike I waved to, waved back. One guy on a fully loaded Gold Wing must have had an inkling what I was riding. He sat straight up, smirked broadly and gave me a thumbs up. A truly impressive trip.

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I like both ideas about virtual rallies and they both have advantages.
The points system version allows you to participate any day you choose.
A lot of people work weekends.
The certain date version requires no math.
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