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White lining - surprising safety stats

Do you white line? Its not legal in my state so I don't.
I see the sport bike riders do it a lot here on surface streets.
Fear of retaliation also keeps me from white lining.
The report at the link compares frequency of accidents for white line riders compared to
all motorcycle riders.
For example, white liners are less likely to get rear ended, but they are more
likely to rear end a car.
"If you get knocked down 100 times, then get up 101 times" - Unknown

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They are either complete idiots, or total fools.....doesn't really matter which,....it will catch up with them sooner or later
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They must have some wild slow motion wrecks as they are tight as sardines, humming down the street at 7 miles an hour, light to light.
I'd also be in a full face respirator.
No I'd live that way again, myself.
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