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Exclamation 150cc Turns over but wont start! HELP

Hello all!

So today I tried to start my scooter and couldn't get it to turn over, so I adjusted the valve lashes. (IN".004" EX".003") It started right up. I took it out to town about 2 miles and shut it off and couldn't get it to start back! Run the battery dead. So I had to get it boosted of with my buddy's car. Well I couldn't get it to start without manually chocking it with my hand. (Covered the back of the carb till gas poured out) Cranked on it with about 1/4 throttle and if fired up. I tried it 2 more times and it worked both times, got it home and now it wont start at all even doing the Manuel choking. I checked for spark it was bright blue. Replaced the spark plug, cleaned the carb, and found out it didnt help so I replaced the carb. Sill no luck. Charged the battery up while I adjusted checked the valve lashed again. Still the same tried it but no luck. Its so close to running. Any ideas? Thank you!

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